Retreats for Personal Growth
A Chapter from the book, Earning a Living Outside of Managed Mental Health Care : 50 Ways to Expand Your Practice


I am pleased to announce publication of my chapter, “Retreats for 
Personal Growth,” in the book, Earning a Living Outside of Managed 
Mental Health Care: 50 Ways to Expand Your Practice

Published by the American Psychological Association.

Psychologists are increasingly dissatisfied with managed care 
companies, yet they lack sound guidance on developing a practice that 
is not insurance-based. This book illustrates 50 strategies for 
creating a practice that is not dependent on managed care or 
insurance. The contributors describe how they successfully carved out 
a niche in areas as varied as family and divorce counseling, teaching 
and supervision, health care, product development, and organizational 
consulting. They also describe their practice arrangements, training 
experiences, and primary activities, as well as the pros and cons of 
the career path; effective business approaches; and useful 
professional resources, books, journals, websites, and societies. 
This book provides plenty of ideas for early career psychologists and 
graduate students interested in starting a private practice as well as 
for seasoned practitioners who want to develop alternative income 
sources to minimize dependence on insurance companies.

Hardcover. 243 pages. 2010.
List: $69.95
APA Members/Affiliates: $49.95
Item#: 4317227
ISBN: 978-1-4338-0809-8

To order, contact American Psychological Association. Also listed on 

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